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Energy markets are complex and constantly changing – with multi-faceted utility tariffs, hundreds of suppliers, countless product options, fluctuating pricing and a wide range of contract terms and conditions. Pair those realities with a never-ending stream of phone solicitations, and it’s understandable that customers can become quickly overwhelmed by trying to decide what’s best for their home or business. Many times, customers make no decision at all, and that could be a costly mistake.

The good news is that FirstEnergy Advisors can help. Whether you’re looking for the best energy deal for your business, your community or your home, we can help you reach your energy goals. We are independent and impartial when it comes to selecting suppliers, so you end up with the right program and the right product for the lowest price.


For any commercial or industrial business, community leader or individual resident who wants a local energy advisor they can trust, FirstEnergy Advisors will recommend the right programs, prices and products to suit your individual needs. With over 100 years of combined experience, our sales team is committed to using our extensive business relationships, regulatory knowledge and energy market analysis to provide you with the professional expertise you need. We’re familiar with all aspects of the customer experience, having worked with the utility, suppliers, and agents. We bring that unique experience to the customer as an independent, knowledgeable and trusted advisor. FirstEnergy Advisors is a licensed broker in Pennsylvania and Virginia.

We’re backed by decades of experience saving customers money. Let us put that advantage to work for you.


Sales Consultant Lance Bolender explains how we help customers save money here:

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