Community & Municipal Aggregation

drone photo of a community

As a community leader, one of the most convenient ways of offering added benefits to the residents and small businesses in your community is through Municipal Aggregation.

Simply put, municipal aggregation is when a local community joins their members together to buy electricity and/or natural gas as a group, resulting in lower prices for constituents.

While aggregation can deliver great value to your community, the process is not easy to navigate.  Requesting bids, evaluating the pricing structures and contract terms, assessing the suppliers' offers, and understanding consortiums may be all new to you. Fortunately, it’s not new to us!   

The team at FirstEnergy Advisors has proven experience in helping communities with their energy needs. The staff of FirstEnergy Advisors has over 100 years of regulatory and energy market expertise as well as the necessary supplier relationships to help make sure you receive competitive bidding.

We are dedicated to finding the best available energy options, including gas and electric procurement. We are not tied to one supplier, which helps ensure you know that when we make recommendations, we have evaluated many sources and can provide options based on your individual needs.

We strive to be your valued and trusted partner and are committed to earning your trust every day as we deliver positive results. Our goal is to give customers their best available options – so regardless of the energy program you choose, you can rest assured that you’ve made an informed decision.

We’re backed by decades of experience helping customers save money. Let us put that advantage to work for you..

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