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We understand you have a lot of questions. That’s why we’re here to help! Feel free to contact us. Or take a look at our answers to some of the most frequently asked questions below.


Q. Why would my company/community need an energy advisor?

A. Customers today face volatile energy markets, complex bills and vast options in programs, suppliers and risk. These factors can make customers unsure of the path they should take to make the most effective energy choices. That’s why so many businesses and communities turn to a trusted advisor to help them evaluate options and make the right decisions. Our staff at FirstEnergy Advisors has a long history of working with businesses and communities in need of energy procurement services. And we’ll bring our combined 100 years of expertise to work for you.

Q. What can FirstEnergy Advisors do for my business/community?

A. Customers are often unsure what options are available to help them lower costs or meet energy goals. Many are regularly solicited by unknown and aggressive salespeople causing skepticism and distrust – and rightly so. But what they really need is a trusted advisor to evaluate the options available and make the best recommendation. FirstEnergy Advisors is proud to be that trusted advisor. We’ll not only help customers find the best available energy prices by bidding energy suppliers, we can answer questions about renewable energy, energy efficiency, energy audits, regulations and market outlook. We help make sure you see what your options are and provide the strategy to cost-effectively manage your energy needs.

Q. Why would I choose FirstEnergy Advisors?

A. The staff of FirstEnergy Advisors has over 100 years of regulatory and energy market expertise as well as established supplier relationships, which can provide real value to those customers who aren’t experienced in making electric supply decisions. We can put that advantage to work for you.

Q. What types of customers does FirstEnergy Advisors serve?

A. FirstEnergy Advisors’ electric customers include commercial and industrial businesses as well as communities who have the opportunity to engage in municipal aggregation and/or have public buildings that can be evaluated for cost-saving strategies.

Q. Do customers or suppliers pay for FirstEnergy Advisors’ consulting services?

A. The customer pays FirstEnergy Advisors indirectly through the customer’s retail power supplier. FirstEnergy Advisors maintain separate agreements with the various electric suppliers to receive their bids for a customer’s load. As a result, the supplier pays FirstEnergy Advisors' fees directly. However, there are some instances when the customer prefers to pay FirstEnergy Advisors directly for their services.

Q. How is FirstEnergy Advisors related to FirstEnergy Corp.?

A. FirstEnergy Advisors is an unregulated subsidiary of FirstEnergy Corp. and an affiliate of FirstEnergy Corp.’s utilities in Ohio, Pennsylvania, New Jersey, Maryland and West Virginia. 

Q. How can I get in touch with an Advisor today?

A. For more information or to inquire about how FirstEnergy Advisors can help you, please call us at 877-398-5639 or email us at FirstEnergyAdvisors@firstenergycorp.com