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Control your portfolio and minimize risk

Take back control and realize opportunities to save money with advanced technology designed to manage and monitor your energy contract portfolio.

Control Your Energy Portfolio and Minimize Risk

Start thinking forward about buying today

Sherpa by FirstEnergy Advisors™ provides intelligent energy procurement to you.

Sherpa’s cutting-edge technology uses advanced algorithms and automation technology to help commercial and industrial portfolios of all shapes and sizes make smart and efficient energy decisions and realize more savings for their business.

Start Thinking About Buying Energy Today and Identify Opportunities

Identify opportunities

We automatically find the best business energy rates across your portfolio from the most reputable commercial electricity suppliers so you are never overpaying and never wasting time.

Request and Review Pricing

Request & review pricing

Build your contract legal requirements into your business profile, allowing the technology to correctly define your contract components during RateCheck requests.

Digitally book contracts

Digitally book contracts

Receive expertly designed digital pricing reports with comparative cost, proprietary market risk analysis, and 1-click contracting with secure e-sign functionality.

Continued Monitoring

Continued Monitoring

Whether you have one property account or 100,000, our clever technology will automatically monitor your portfolio for better buying opportunities and alert you to make a decision.

Get Started and Register for Sherpa

Small, medium and large players across all industries are benefiting from technology that elegantly scales to support the needs of their unique businesses.

How to Register Your Business

Price Estimator

Hold tight brilliant analysts are monitoring the markets and coding formulas to magnificently display a superb estimator, ensuring your business aces procurement prices.

What components are included in our Price Estimator?

1. Energy. This is generation cost to make and provide energy from a plant or facility to your business.  Generators bid into the market in five minute increments, hourly, daily and by auction.

2. Capacity. Capacity is the cost of making sure enough generation resources are available, when called upon, to meet peak electricity demand now and into the future.  Long-term availability assumptions differentiate suppliers bid prices. 

3. Transmission. This cost covers the price of sending energy from a generation plant to an electrical substation.  Long-term transmission assumptions differentiate supplier bid prices.

4. Other.  Suppliers include the cost of risk, ancillary market costs, basis costs, margins and broker fees to complete the full price they provide customers.  This component of price offers suppliers the biggest opportunity to compete for lowest price.

The first three components make up 80-90% of your price/kWh. We can provide you a range of where prices could be. Once you’ve checked our market estimator, register your business in Sherpa for an actual price!


Simply select your state, utility, enter your expected contract start date, number of months and annual kWh usage. A price will be returned to you as an estimate of where the market is today.

Change the way you buy electricity for your business

Small, medium and large players across all industries are benefiting from technology that elegantly scales to support the needs of their unique businesses.

Change the Way You Buy Business Energy Rates Full Portfolio Onboarding

Full Portfolio Onboarding

A fantastic opportunity for enterprise clients to organize and control their existing portfolio, to continue with or begin new energy buying strategies for their organization.

Change the Way You Buy Business Energy Rates Energy Expertise

Energy Expertise

Take advantage of a network of energy experts to guide your strategy through to completion.

Change the Way You Buy Business Energy Rates Top Pricing from Suppliers

Top Pricing from Top Suppliers

When commercial electricity suppliers compete, businesses win. Our Sherpa by FirstEnergy Advisors™ is designed to ensure that suppliers always offer their lowest price to win your business.

Change the way you buy electricity for your business

Frequently Asked Questions

In which deregulated state does FirstEnergy Advisors™ provide pricing?

FirstEnergy Advisors™ provides competitive supplier pricing for residential, commercial and industrial customers in Pennsylvania exclusively.

If I’ve already switched to another broker can I still use Sherpa by FirstEnergy Advisors™?

Yes. You’re the ideal customer. You can use Sherpa by FirstEnergy Advisors™ even if you are with a commercial electricity supplier or you have an energy broker or consultant.

You’ve tried to find the best rate and to manage your energy cost down over time. We imagine it wasn’t easy. Let us manage and automate the process and help you make the best choices. Whether you are using a direct supplier or working with an energy broker or consultant Sherpa is the perfect, no-hassle resource to make sure you are truly optimizing your savings.


Is there any risk of service interruption to my business if I use Sherpa by FirstEnergy Advisors™?

No, there is zero risk of service interruption at your business if you use Sherpa. We are the technology between you and the utilities, commercial electricity suppliers, and energy companies who offer their energy-related products and services to your business. Sherpa does not control the lines coming into your business. Your utility owns and operates the entire infrastructure to deliver your service. Nothing changes except the rate you pay and how you manage your energy. Our software helps to make sure you have the best rate for the power coming into your facility!

>Robert Marinelli Business Energy Consultant for FirstEnergy Advisors

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Robert Marinelli
Business Energy Consultant

Call 330-388-8910 or email rmarinelli@firstenergycorp.com

Robert began selling energy services and equipment when electric deregulation opened the market and, for over 20 years, has worked to put customers first. He wants every customer to know that they have a partner in energy who puts their needs first.